U-STARS~PLUS Science & Nonfiction Connections

U-STARS~PLUS Science & Nonfiction Connections

Using Science, Talents, and Abilities to Recognize Students~Promoting Learning for Underrepresented Students
Publication date: 2014
ISBN: 9780865864948

Over 30 lesson plans to support delivery of science content for Grades K-3, aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards!

Product number: P6144

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Title information

The newest addition to the U-STARS~PLUS product line, Science & Nonfiction Connections provides educators with a complementary companion to the popular Family Science Packets and Science & Literature Connections. This new book includes over 30 lesson plans aligned with both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, focusing on popular, current nonfiction science publications. Science & Nonfiction Connections belongs in every classroom where teachers seek to create exciting, science learning experiences that promote the connection between students' knowledge and new content. Teachers can use this book as a valuable literacy aid in building science vocabulary, while also providing enrichment for and recognizing the abilities of students from diverse backgrounds.

Pages: 234
Publisher: Council for Exceptional Children
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U-STARS~PLUS is designed to support teachers in the early recognition and nurturing of potential in children from economically disadvantaged and/or culturally/linguistically different families, and in children with disabilities. The series includes an observation tool and protocol to help teachers recognize children with outstanding potential who have often been overlooked; Classroom materials for connecting science and texts (both fiction and nonfiction) through the use of questioning strategies that promote higher level thinking; family science take-home packets to help families become more involved in their child’s learning; and professional development modules to support teachers’ abilities to recognize and nurture potential in their classrooms.