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Educating Students With Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Book 4
Academics, Life Skills, and Transition
Author: Jordan C. Shurr, Author: Bree A. Jimenez, Author: Emily C. Bouck
Transition to Adulthood
Work, Community, and Educational Success
Author: L. Lynn Stansberry Brusnahan, Robert A. Stodden, Stanley H. Zucker, Emily C. Bouck, Kathryn M. Burke, Erik W. Carter, Debra L. Cote, Marc Ellison, Nancy Farnon-Molfenter, Eric Folk, Dedra Hafner, James E. Martin, Sean Nagamatsu, Evan Nakatsuka, Author: Leslie K. O. Okoji, Joshua M. Pulos, Karrie A. Shogren, Shannon L. Sparks, Terri Vandercook, Michael L. Wehmeyer
Integrating Transition Planning into the IEP Process
Author: Lynda West, Editor
Building Alliances
A How-To Manual to Support Transitioning Youth
Author: Valerie L. Mazzotti, Author: Dawn Rowe
Transition Teaming
26 Strategies for Interagency Collaboration
Author: Pattie Noonan
Life Centered Education
The Teacher's Guide
Author: Donna Wandry, Author: Michael L. Wehmeyer, Author: Susan Glor-Scheib