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Transition to Adulthood
Work, Community, and Educational Success
Author: L. Lynn Stansberry Brusnahan, Robert A. Stodden, Stanley H. Zucker, Emily C. Bouck, Kathryn M. Burke, Erik W. Carter, Debra L. Cote, Marc Ellison, Nancy Farnon-Molfenter, Eric Folk, Dedra Hafner, James E. Martin, Sean Nagamatsu, Evan Nakatsuka, Author: Leslie K. O. Okoji, Joshua M. Pulos, Karrie A. Shogren, Shannon L. Sparks, Terri Vandercook, Michael L. Wehmeyer
From High School to College
Steps to Success for Students With Disabilities
Author: Elizabeth C. Hamblet
Integrating Transition Planning into the IEP Process
Author: Lynda West, Editor
Engaging and Empowering Families in Secondary Transition
A Practitioner's Guide
Author: Donna Wandry, Author: Amy M. Pleet
Building Alliances
A How-To Manual to Support Transitioning Youth
Author: Valerie L. Mazzotti, Author: Dawn Rowe
Transition Teaming
26 Strategies for Interagency Collaboration
Author: Pattie Noonan
Life Centered Education
The Teacher's Guide
Author: Donna Wandry, Author: Michael L. Wehmeyer, Author: Susan Glor-Scheib